How to play poker? Basic poker rules

Poker is a game everyone had heard of. Most of people know it’s played with cards and in the action movies, we can see main characters betting money in that game. But what are the most basic rules of poker?

1. Played with a pack of card

You have to know, that there are many types of poker. While the rules might vary a bit, there are some things, that never change. One of them is the fact, that poker is being played with a pack of 52 cards, to which you can add one or two pokers. Years ago, the game was only played in real world, but at the moment, there are many sites, which offer you an online game.

During the game, each player receives and equal amount of cards. The regular poker hand is made of five cards, which can give you one of the more or less valuable sets. There is full house, four of a kind, straight, pairs and many more. The better cards you have, the bigger are your chances of winning.

2. Betting

Betting is the essence of each game. You have to know, when to bet higher and when to pass, not showing your emotions at the same time. The biggest problem might be a thing, which is being called ‘the begginners luck’, which comes down to an easy win for the novice. When the win is achieved by an unexperienced player, he or she usually gets too confident and loses as a result.

In the course of each game, there will be at least one round of betting (usually there are more) and the main point is to make your win as big as you can when your hand is good and make the loss as small as possible when the cards are not scored too high. Some of the games require putting so called ‘ante’ before the game even begins.

The bets are being placed in a clockwise order. Keep in mind, that if you want to stay in the game, but betting is off the table for you, you can always call a “check”, which is equal to making a zero bet.

3. Different sets of rules for each type of poker

Even though different types of the game might differ when it comes to rules, there is one thing, which is the same for each of them: you play to win. It means, that you want to collect a set of cards, which will get you as many points as possible.

The order is as follows: five of a kind, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pairs, one pair and nothing (so called ‘no pair’). The higher your set of cards is, the bigger win you can get.

At the beginning of the game, each player received an equal amount of cards. Then, each one of you gets next one from the dealer and that situation is being continued until each of the players receives five cards. Then, they can be changed with the ‘table cards’.

4. Keep calm

As mentioned, different types of poker have a slightly different rules. But the most important rule number one, which is present in every kind of game, is to stay calm and focused. Don’t show emotions even if your hand is very good (or especially then, keep your poker face up). The best poker players will read you carefully and see the smallest hints of nervousness.

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